Last minutes before the end of my Spring Break!

As I’m writing this, the clock is ticking to count down the end of my Spring Break; and I’m pretty sad that Spring Break has gone by super fast 😦 In less than 24 hours, I will start my Spring quarter..

However, since I’m still in Spring Break now technically. Let me just say, I have had a pretty awesome Spring Break!! So you all know about my little adventure driving up north to Ojai, Oxnard, Simi Valley, and Fillmore area to visit a few high schools. I also had a cooking lesson where I learned to make bread pudding (it’s super yummy 🙂 ). And of course, my break wouldn’t have been complete without a small visit to my most favorite place on earth, Disneyland!!! I went to Disneyland on Friday and it was such a blast. I had amazing funnel cakes that filled me up, had a great game at the Toy Story mania (for those who haven’t tried it, it is highly highly recommended!!), and watched the Aladdin show that I have missed so much!!

Speaking about maximizing my Spring Break, I also went to watched Mirror Mirror on Sunday (earlier today). I loved it!! It was a fun and entertaining movie to watch.

Before I’m writing this blog, I started preparing my books  for the new quarter!! I have to say I still want a longer break, but I think I’m almost ready to start this new quarter. All the classes that I will have are upper division Bio-Engineering again, but this time there’s no more GE classes!! yay!!!

Anyway, I should head to sleep if I want to make sure I show up to my first class this quarter!! Good luck to all the Bruins this quarter!! 🙂