Chocolate Treat

My younger sister decided to come down from UCSB to visit me for our final home gymnastics meet…or so I thought. In reality, she really wanted to use my kitchen to try out a new recipe inspired by Oreo’s 100th Celebration- Oreo Truffles.

As I watched, she smashed what seemed like a whole box of oreos in a gallon bag and mixed in some cream cheese. Next, she debated if she should melt the dark chocolate chips or milk chocolate chips. I was supposed to make the decision. How was I supposed to decide? I was still confused why she had stomped and jumped on a bag full of oreos. I simply responded it’s chocolate.

After the chocolate had melted and the smashed oreos had hardened, she proceeded to make balls and cover them with the melted chocolate. Finally, they were refrigerated again. I was pleasantly surprised at the final result. They were delicious! Gooey chocolate heaven.

Albeit left with the cleanup, I did get to enjoy one oreo truffle a day- a perfect reward for finals studying.