Apartment Hunting in Westwood

As much as I love living in the dorms, I think it is time for a change. That is why my friends and I decided that we are going to move to an apartment next year. I have loved living in the dorms the last two years and I know I will miss it, but I am really excited about taking advantage of the housing that’s offered in Westwood. I am going to miss the close community of the dorms, and the delicious dining hall food, but I am excited to get a space upgrade and be right where all the action is in Westwood.

Starting out trying to find a place was very stressful. For the first time I had to try and find a place to live without my parents help. Luckily UCLA provided many resources that made it easier. They put on an apartment fair that made it easy for students and landlords to get in touch. They also put together a guide to finding an apartment that gives many helpful hints when looking for an apartment. All of that really made it a lot less intimidating to venture out and try to find an apartment to live in. One of the few downsides of living in west L.A. is trying to pay for the housing that is around. The student apartments around UCLA are no exception. Trying to find a place that is both affordable and nice enough for everyone has been a tough and stressful process. It is also hard to get everyone to agree on a place. It is amazingly easy to find little flaws in a place, such as the size of the kitchen, or the type of counter tops.
Hopefully our process seems to be coming to an end. We finally found a place that everyone can agree on and is excited about. It’s been a pretty interesting experience so far but I am glad it is coming to an end. I cannot wait to move in to my new place over the summer!