From the Beaches to the Mountains

This weekend, my closest friends and I decided to take advantage of our three day weekend and go have some fun away from Southern California. In the span of a day, we went from 70 degree weather on the beaches of Santa Monica, to the sub-freezing temperatures of the Sierra Mountains. We loaded up the car with our old weather gear and enough food for the weekend and piled in the small Honda Civic and headed up to our friends cabin in Bear Valley. We were all free this weekend, which never happens, and we were all coming off of mid-terms so this weekend came as a welcome get away.  Being from the east coast I have not gotten to see much of California so I was excited to take the drive all the way up through the state. Driving up I was amazed by the beautiful grape vine, and the massive amount of agriculture that makes up the Central Valley. I can finally understand why they call it ‘the bread basket of America’. We left L.A. around 2:30, and finally made it to the mountain around 11. Amazingly, we were all still friends after the drive was over.

It was dark when we first arrived at the Cabin on Friday night so we could not really appreciate the beauty and all the snow that was around us. But when we got up on Saturday we were all ready to go and take advantage of the beautiful day. Being from the east coast it was pretty funny seeing my friends from L.A. and San Diego react when they went out in the snow, but even I was excited to throw more than a few snowballs and go sledding down the first hill we could see.

Even though I have been around snow most of my life, I have never been skiing. So it was a pretty big deal for me when we decided that we would go skiing on Sunday. We decided to do cross country skiing because it was something everyone could handle. My friend and I, who had never been on skis before, somewhat over-ambitiously decided to tackle the harder runs with our friend who is an experienced skier. It took a lot of practice to get it right, but finally we were able to tackle the harder runs, which included quite a few downhills. We skied all the way up to the top of the ridge, and prepared for the run back down the ridge. On the way down, I fell on nearly every single downhill, but I had an absolute blast. It was a great work out, and it was a great chance to bond with my two closest friends.

This weekend was one of those weekends that only happen in college. I was able to go with my best friends, have a great time and try something new that I ended up loving!