Hakuna Matata

During this three-day weekend I had the pleasure to watch one of my all-time favorite movies ever- The Lion King. I had missed it so much. I couldn’t even remember when was the last time I watched it. The Lions King is such a beautiful movie– if you haven’t seen it I recommend you watch it NOW! I was able to spend this weekend at home enjoying great movies with my family. It was my momma’s 45th birthday this past Friday and we had a small celebration in her honor. I cannot express enough how much my mom means to me. Those who know me closely know how special both of my parents are to me. They mean the world to me. I live to make both of them proud :D.

One of my favorite sayings when I was a child was Hakuna Matata, which is used in The Lion King. The saying Hakuna Matata means “no worries” or “no problem.” It’s one of my favorite mottos ever!!!!! It has carried on with me since then. I enjoy every single day, ignoring the little problems in life and seeing the big picture. A lot of people have recently told me how positive I seem to be- and it’s true. I love the fact that I rather see the beauty of life rather than the little problems. Thinking about how much school work and other work-related stuff lies ahead of me would worry me if I didn’t apply my motto in my everyday life. Yes there is stress in my life. Yes my life is not perfect. But I rather take it one day at a time. I embrace the upcoming weeks of papers due and finals (even though I would rather not but hey- I have no other choice right?). It is my last winter quarter here at UCLA and this upcoming week I will sign up for my last set of classes at UCLA- I CANNOT BELIEVE I JUST WROTE THAT! As exciting that it is, it is also saddening. Before the end of time, I will go ahead and ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST!!!