Yes, I know it’s only February, but it is already getting late for planning out summer activities. There are several options to fill the summer! There are about 14 weeks between the spring and fall sessions.

1) Summer School. Registration for UCLA students began last week! During the summer, there are two six-week sessions. Most students will take 1-2 science classes. Some students will choose to just take 1 class and really focus on it. It is nice to get a class you are dreading out of the way, or just get ahead. Summer classes at UCLA are fun because non-UCLA students can register. Meaning Westwood becomes filled with high school students, international students and students from other universities around the campus! Personally, I took a chemistry lab course the summer after my freshman year.

2) Go abroad! There are study abroad opportunities available throughout the year, but during the summer, travel study programs are offered. I went on a travel study program last summer to Spain and Morocco. I had the time of my life! UCLA’s travel study programs begin enrolling November 1.

3) Work… Last summer I spent four weeks coaching and counseling at a gymnastics camp. Exhausting but worth the experience!
4) Research. There are tons of stipends for students who want to spend 40 hours a week performing research! It is a great way to resume build and get a letter of rec. Several of the funded programs have applications due extremely early, as in late 2011! They often are fairly extensive but are worth the effort.

5) Intern. Again, without school, perfect time to get some experience in your potential field of work and network!

Of course, there are millions of other ways to fill your summer. Perhaps, relax?