New Year’s Eve in San Fran

This past New Year’s Eve was a blast. Traditionally on New Year’s, my parents like to find a get-together (I’m not even going to call it a party) to attend that usually includes cheese fondue, banging on pots and pans, and several different kinds of board games. While I do enjoy all of those things, as a sophomore in college, my idea of party has evolved past playing 20 rounds of Catch Phrase.

This year, one of my on-campus groups was having a New Year’s Eve party in San Francisco. I leapt at the chance of spending the evening in an exciting city (I did not want to ring in the new year attempting to mime out the word “fortify” during one of my family’s games of charades).

I live in San Jose, which is only about an hour from SF, so I planned to drive up during the day and spend the night in a friend’s apartment. At around six on New Year’s Eve, I began the drive up 280. There was not a ton of traffic, and the drive was smooth. It was dark by the time I got into the city, and the lights looked absolutely ~marvelous~. I headed over to my friend’s apartment, which was right near the Haight (woo shopping!). Although traffic wasn’t bad, parking was a nightmare, and I drove around for 20 minutes before finding a place.

The party was super fun. This break had been the first time that I have seriously missed my school friends and seeing them altogether in one place was great. We chatted about our breaks, what we had been doing, and how (freaking) excited we were for winter quarter.

After a little while, I said goodbye to everyone and headed off with some friends to go to the Embarcadero. Even though I had come to the city for the party, I thought that the fireworks on the water would be too good to miss.

My friends and I hopped on to a bus and winded our way through the streets of San Fran. We had to walk several blocks from our stop to get to the water, and on our way we stopped at a Jack-in-the-Box for a potty break. It was a good thing that we had left rather early because the line took about a half an hour (who knew, I would spend the final moments of 2011 in a fast food joint). But it was still fun – my friend got burgers for everyone! We ate, we peed, and then we jogged down Market to get to the Embarcadero before midnight.

The fireworks show was spectacular (and it lasted a full fifteen minutes!).  There was dancing, kissing, and a lot of yelling. We moved back toward the bus stop in a huge herd of people and finally got home around 1:30. The night was fantastic, and even though I love my family, it was so fun to have my first real live New Year’s party experience (and that I got to spend it with UCLAers was such a bonus).

Happy New Year, y’all!