When I grow up….

When I grow up, I want to be successful. Would you believe it if I told you this is what I wrote as a first grader? What a lame kid I was! For some reason or other it seems every teacher wants to know what you’ll be when you grow up. Why can’t we just focus on the growing and figure it out once we get up there huh? That question never came with a good answer….

Luckily, my answer changed over the years to be less….lame? I said I wanted to be a psychologist, a veterinarian, a teacher, a businesswoman, and most recently a theatric. The peculiar thing is that to this day I still find myself saying, “when I grow up….”. However, I am now beginning to realize that I am in fact a 21 year old woman who is about to graduate from UCLA, and be……a grown up? NOOOOOOOOO!

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I had just landed down at LAX, did I have a true 100% full fledged adult moment. One of my roommates works for a trendy consulting agency that was recently hired by a very large hotel line (not sure how much detail I am allowed to give. Sorry!) to host their annual general manager convention. They flew out over 2,000 managers from all over North America.

It seemed, that in the last few weeks, they realized they needed a little extra help. Luckily for them, I had some free time. My roommate offered me the opportunity to fly out on a redeye Wednesday night, arrive in Orlando, Florida at 6 am the next day to visit two hotels and then head to the convention where I would work from 9-6. After the convention, we were free to relax at our hotel only to get an early morning start for our flight Friday morning at 8am.

It seemed I had finally kicked of my growing up shoes and stepped into something a little more grown up. This was a real business trip where I was the business-woman who was flown out, put up in a hotel, and flown back all for the sake of the companies well being. TAKE THAT FIRST GRADE! I did it!!!! Success! I guess you really know you’ve grown up when you fly to Orlando not to visit Disney World.

It wasn’t until I found myself walking from the flyaway shuttle back up the hill to my apartment was I jutted back into my reality. For now, I’m still a college student. For now, my success is yet to be written. But to be honest, I don’t think it entails stuffy clothing and general manager consulting. It was an experience to learn from, and a paycheck to be proud of!