Birthday Celebration

This weekend, I had one of the most amazing birthday celebrations EVER! Celebrating a birthday means more than just a party to me. A birthday commemorates the past year and your overall growth as an individual. To me, whenever my birthday comes, it presents with me an opportunity to look back and reflect on  much I’ve grown as an individual. I turned 20 and I feel so blessed and special with EVERYBODY around me. I’ve had the opportunity to build new friendships and continuing growing with established ones. Gosh, it feels fabulous just knowing that you are loved in this world. A simple ‘happy birthday’ just makes my day.

Starting on Thursday, my roommates threw me a surprise birthday party where some of closest friends attended. I felt so grateful to have so much love in my life. I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Following that, I went out for a night of party. Hey, this boy loves to dance! On Friday, I went back home to spend some quality time with my family. My mother cooked one of my favorite dishes ever- pozole. It was DELICIOUS! That night, I watched my first ever dance performance. It was flawless. I also met some new funny people. On Saturday, I had a group dinner with my closest friends. I went to Gyu Kaku- it was amazing. Amazing food, amazing friends, amazing conversations, amazing time OVERALL. That night, I went out to DANCE once again but this time with all of my roommates and closest hometown friends. WHAT?!?! Best of both worlds?!?! I THINK SO!  On Sunday, my birthday, I woken up by my family singing Happy Birthday to me. Gosh, I wanted to cry so badly! Then came family dinner. If it’s one thing I’m going to remember besides the fabulous time I spent with my family and friends is all the FOOD I ate– SO MUCH AND SO YUMMY!

So I turned 20. It only gets better from here. I feel so young but looking back and reflecting I feel so lucky to have turned 20! Another year, another opportunity to be better. Reflecting on this past year, I can say that I am so proud of myself. I have been able to embrace life at it’s fullest. I have become the person that I have wanted to be. Don’t get me wrong, there is still so much room for improvement and joy! But I can happily say that I have made the most of everyday presented to me. My life motto is- Live life fabulously! If you know me, or if you have been reading my blog posts, you may have noticed how much I LOVE the word FABULOUS. I sincerely do! To me it captures the essence of unbelievable beauty and happiness. This past year has been fabulousity at its best. I can’t wait until I reach 21 and I’m able to recap this upcoming year. I’m so geared for the future- I graduate from UCLA!

Here is to an upcoming FABULOUS and BLESSED year! I hope to continue living my life happy, healthy, and filled with my family’s and friends’ love. I owe all of my enthusiasm to everyone I surround myself with daily. It is because of you guys that I have that Manny-style smile with me everyday!!



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