Weekend Adventures

Photo Credit: JM Rosenfeld Photography

To celebrate the completion of midterms, some of my good friends and I took a Friday night adventure to El Cholo for dinner. El Cholo is a Mexican restaurant that has been around since 1923. We went to the location in Santa Monica, which is in a big pink building! The food was not only delicious, but also reasonably priced. The bathroom was decorated with a signed movie poster by Robert De Niro. Since we’re in Los Angeles, the movie of course had scenes filmed in the restaurant. Great food and fun location aside, it is always nice to have some R&R time with close friends!

The weekend was highlighted by a Bru-Win at the football game. Man, were those last few minutes were a nail biter. For me, that was even better then getting an extra hour of sleep on Sunday! Can I just say, late afternoons are the perfect time for football games? There was sunny weather for tailgating, the sun is not in your eyes during the game, and it doesn’t get too cold during the 4th quarter.

Go Bruins!!!


  1. Job Searcho says:

    It’s not fair to drown yourself for a week and burnt that midnight candle without considering a reward for yourself. So, you just deserve it guys for treating yourself of delicious foods.

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