To the Estate! (sale…..)

If you don’t remember a certain post I posted a long time ago, I shall refresh your memory as to what it entailed. “Gypsy Living”, told the wonderful tale of a college student’s quest for buying apartment essentials at a reasonable cost. For most college students, moving into a new home seems like the day you break the bank, but not for me. I look at it as a challenge to find and create the most frugal and first-rate home furnishings one can find, and to that challenge, I say challenge accepted.

So, it might not come as a surprise to everyone that I am quite the expert at thrift store shopping, garage sales, and even estate sale shopping. This past weekend I decided to turn a wonderful and commitment free Saturday into a day of treasure hunting. One of my closest friends, a Miss Ashley Bourdon, was visiting, and I knew she would make a perfect first mate. So we set sail aboard the SSR20 (or my really cool 1998 Nissan maxima. Heyyy oooooo), and looked forward to the day ahead.

Before our quest began we searched the web to see what had been posted, mapped out a journey of 8 different sales, and packed our adventure sacks for the morning. With every stop we made we met new people, with new stories, who had new treasures for us to explore. Everything from furniture to record players, tv stands to music boxes. We were selective in our pickings but made out with what I believe was the best $15 dollars I’ve spent in a long time, and a wonderful day filled with giggles and fun.

I have attached a photo of the wonders that are my new treasures:

$5 shirt, free music box, $.50 two yellow cups, $0.50 two oil lamps, $5 canon film camera, $2 vintage polaroid camera, $1 bottle, $1 two books. Gypsy living? I think yes!