Getting to Know Me a Little Bit More…

I have been blogging since July of this year and I gotta say that it’s been a blast. Blogging every week to interact with you guys has been a blessing- it really has. It has not only allowed me to help students out from all around the web but also has helped me express myself through my blogs. One thing that I want to be able to do when I graduate is be able to work with students from my community- Santa Ana. When people ask me about myself and where I come from I usually say Orange County. Santa Ana is part of Orange County, but not what you expect from the ‘OC’ that many people think of or have seen on TV. It is a very beautiful city in it’s own way of course. But where I come from, the unemployment is above 14%, pretty high in comparison to the national average. Even though Santa Ana is home to lots of attractions- South Coast Plaza, Westfield Main Place Mall, Discovery Science Center, etc., it is also a place where crime is high, depending on what side of the community you find yourself in.

When I was growing up, I had a lot of friends who lived in apartments and who did not have a lot of money. Most of my friends received free and reduced lunch. Growing up in a low-income community has allowed me to experience the best of both worlds because now I find myself the very wealthy community of Westwood. I am so proud of both of the places I call home. I have people I consider friends in both places and most of my family lives in SA.

My message in this blog post would have to be this– quite simply, just because you come from a low income community, does not mean that you cannot dream big. Look at where I am now! Beautiful Westwood Village, LA. While growing up, I did not go to a lot of places that were outside of SA. But now, I find myself with the unbelievable opportunities to travel, explore, and discover. It’s simply amazing. I consider myself brave. Both of my parents have worked hard to help me be where I am. I am proud to say that I come from Santa Ana and I am rocking LA fabulously! It’s unbelievable. It’s never too late to dream big; and your dream can never be big enough. What I want people to take out of my blogs is positivity and happiness. Most people ask me why I am so happy most of the time, why I include lots of exclamation points in my texts, why I am so positive most of the time, well to those people I say this- life is beautiful and there should not be a reason to be sad because hey, we are living and we should live it out everyday! Here is to another fabulous day, fabulous week, and fabulous ways of thinking! 🙂