Charley’s summer vs. UCLA

Charley’s summer:

  • 2.5 meals a day, one of which usually involved a scrambled egg and 2.5 of which most certainly included a tomato from the backyard
  • 70% of daylight spent in bed watching Parks and Recreation / Family Guy / the entirety of Netflix Instant Watch
  • moderate amounts of facial trauma (I had my wisdom teeth extracted and my nose broken (and then fixed, which is also painful))
  • majority of time spent only in underwear
  • minority of time spent working, i.e. writing blog posts and interning at city hall
  • gaining weight from eating mountains of baked goods
  • wearing the same pair of shorts five days a week
  • required to report my every movement to the parental units
  • flossing irregularly
  • attempting to exercise and instead, having heart palpitations
  • did I mention that underwear time, was most of the time?
  • a vague daily routine that resembles the life of a cat
  • general lethargy


  • 3 meals a day that are cooked for me (I believe I only had a total of 3 meals cooked for me this entire summer)
  • 70% of daylight spent outside amongst the brick buildings and other happy-go-lucky students (30% spent in my dorm dancing to Katy Perry)
  • zero facial trauma, except for sore cheeks from over-smiling
  • majority of time spent in underwear, when roommate was away
  • moderate amount of time studying for French, reading about human evolution, or giving tours
  • losing weight from walking EVERYWHERE
  • wearing cute outfits five days a week (or seven, heyyyy!)
  • not required to tell my parents that I didn’t get in until 3am (again, hehehe!)
  • near-perfect dental hygiene
  • being able to run up the stairs in my dorm building and not being out of breath
  • I totally did mention that I like being in my underwear, when I am alone in my room
  • a fairly solid daily routine that resembles a Nicki Minaj music video
  • general euphoria

While this summer has been good and given me ample opportunity to laze around scantily clad, I must say I am seriously excited to go back to school. UCLA is nothing short of a constant inspiration machine. I am excited to wake up and want to see the light of day instead of the light of my laptop screen. I am excited to eat regularly and with some variety. Mostly, I am excited to see all of my friends. Usually, summer is the time that you see your friends a lot, but college makes sure you only make one or two conveniently located buds. No matter, college also makes sure that the friends you make, will stay made for a very long time.

Summer 2011, you were bomb. School year 2011-2012, where have you been all my life?!