Home Away from Home

This past week, I moved into my apartment with my fabulous roommates! I’m so in love with it! It has been a tiring but exciting process.  I moved in on Thursday and it still hasn’t officially hit me that I live in an apartment. Since moving I have decorated my room with my roommate, put my bed together, built my desk (as well as my chair), gone grocery shopping FOUR times (didn’t quite get everything I wanted the first three times), baked cookies with my roommates, cooked breakfast, and have gone into the roof top Jacuzzi two times (I call the Jacuzzi the Jacu :P). I look forward to the decorating, the more baking and cooking but especially the roommate bonding that waits for me and my roommates in the future! This is definitely one of the most exciting things for me that I’ve done this year and I look forward to making my apartment my home away from home :). Once I get settled in, I will post more entries and pictures of my apartment so you all can see how fabulous it is!