Bucket List: Bruin Edition

While I was making my way into Dodd Hall last week, something caught my eye the way things do when you stare straight at them but don’t think much about it until you’ve moved your gaze away.  It wasn’t until I entered Dodd that I realised I wanted to know more about the little sticker on the door handle I had just made fleeting contact with.  As I stepped back out of Dodd and confused the people behind me, I couldn’t help but take a snapshot of the sticker and the advertisement it bore.

Although I’m sure nearly every UCLA student makes his/her own bucket list of what to do while in college and what to accomplish before graduation (myself included), the sticker boasted that there is a unified bucket list of things all Bruins should experience before the end of our careers here.  While Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson went skydiving and flying over the North Pole in the movie, at UCLA there are equally (if not more) awesome things to do on our bucket list, such as going to a movie premiere in Westwood (check), hiking to the Hollywood sign (check), and playing tennis at the Los Angeles Tennis Center on campus where the Williams sisters practiced a few summers ago (I wish).  Our bucket list comes neatly organized in a list on a website, complete with news about interesting related events, the List itself, and contact information in case they missed anything.  Every item on the List is amended by a website if you would like to know more.

New Bruins, this is a great resource I wish I had known about when I was coming into UCLA two years ago.  The Bruin Bucket List website has so many suggestions about stuff to do that you will never be bored on weekends and gain invaluable knowledge about what it means to be a Bruin.  Prospective Bruins, take a peek into the Bruin experience and what UCLA offers in culture, entertainment, extracurriculars, academics, and dining!  Welcome to UCLA!


*The UCLA Bucket List is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the University of California Los Angeles.