CRUisin’ all over LA


This past weekend my wonderful and beautiful sister Jessie returned from her extended time abroad in Normandy to the beautiful metropolis of Los Angeles. Who can resist the city of angels right? I mean, France? Psh. She had spent an entire year in a little city teaching English through the French government in French schools. Yes, this has been a moment of bragging, I can admit that. However, she is finally home from her adventures, romance, and picture perfect moments.

Why might anyone come home from a teach abroad you might ask? (Which, by the way is becoming an increasingly popular post college option for students these days! And not a bad option if I do say so myself.) Sadly, it is to return to the ever so dreadful, yet honorably prestigious, USC medschool. Yes, that is correct, there is Trojan blood in my family. Now I won’t have any naysayers about it though. I agree, the UCLA USC rivalry is not one to be toyed with and has fueled the fire of my Bruin Pride, but we must all be honest here: USC is a fantastic school. There I said it! Take my blue and gold, rescind my acceptance letter, ostracize me from the campus I have come to call my home. What? You won’t be doing that? Oh ok then!

Then I can safely say, no harm done, that my sister going to USC Keck School of Medicine is something to be proud of, and trust me, I will be as I hold up her poster and cheer in an unruly and loud manner at her very professional white coat ceremony. I guess that’s the Bruin in me ;)

The point of this post, however, is not to brag about my sister. (Although I must say, I did a fantastic job and if she ever comes to read this, be rest assured there will be more than matzah for me on the 6th night of Hanukkah.) The point is to tell you about an adventure we had in LA and express upon you the many adventures you can take advantage of while living in such a spectacular city. (And, I suppose, to touch on the UCLA USC rivalry. Which I would and will at every possible opportunity.)

As we moved her into her new and lovely little apartment in Silverlake, an up and coming hipsteresque neighborhood north of Downtown LA, we decided to explore and find a restaurant to tide over our ever so restless tummies. Unfortunately for us, my sister is allergic to some of the most basic ingredients, as in eggs and dairy. My  mother is allergic to gluten, and I am a vegetarian. Soo…….where can we all eat you ask? That is just the problem: next to no where. Until, we stumbled upon the perfect place for us; a gluten free vegan restaurant. I know, I know, we aren’t rabbits you say. And to you I say, AGREED!

Cru (meaning raw in french) was the most flavorful and delicious gluten free vegan restaurant I think we could have ever found. It may be my favorite restaurant I have eaten at in LA. We did not hold back ordering everything from a mouth watering bruscetta to the avocado and key lime pie dessert. Oh no. My tummy is calling….I WANT MORE! Just check out their website to see what I mean. Trust me, it’s not just for rabbits.

Just to throw a list of other cool things that were happening this very week and to give you an idea of some of the things you can explore if you keep your eyes open, the Los Angeles Street Food Fest was hosted,  the Los Angeles Crafts Fair was going on, and finally, every Thursday in Downtown LA there is an art walk which you don’t want to miss!

UCLA and Westwood are the perfect place to kick back and relax, but make sure you don’t forget what’s right down the road from you!


  1. read2learn says:

    I ate at Cru before. Its pretty good. You should try out “M Cafe” in Beverly Hills. Its really good Vegan food too. I think its the best!

    1. Oooo sounds good! I’ll have to check it out!

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