Aloha, Bruins!

I am very excited because today I leave for the beautiful island of Maui.  This is the family vacation I look forward to all year, especially when I am stressed out at UCLA.  In fact, during the school year, my roommate constantly asked me about my computer’s desktop wallpaper: “Where do you get all these exotic pictures from?”  I always had a picture of Maui or some exotic paradise as my computer background.  I told him, “I always have those pictures there so that, even when I feel like this studying and writing will never end, I can look at these places and think that one day the year will be over and I can escape to this place.”

And now I finally get my escape.  No doubt I love my time at UCLA: classes, Bruin Ambassadors, the John Wooden Center, my friends and professors, and everything else.  However, everyone needs a well-deserved break at some point.  This is mine.  But I will be traveling in one of my favorite UCLA shirts to sport my Bruin spirit even across the Pacific.  My mom and dad are already at the island waiting for my sister and me to arrive.  My dad, who is a Bruin alumnus himself, and I have already discussed doing an 8-clap at the top of one of the mountains.  Probably one of the best ideas I’ve had, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, I’m very excited to make my escape but with every intention of returning to Westwood and the home of the Bruins well rested and ready for another great year.  See you in 10 days and Go Bruins!!