Trip with Friends

This weekend, I traveled to Northern CA (Santa Maria) with two of my very best UCLA friends for one of our friend’s wedding. It was such an amazing weekend! I was able to get away and travel while being in company of two of the very best people ever! I drove to LA on Friday and then we picked up and left during the afternoon. The drive there was so much fun–singing along to some of our favorite songs and chit chatting all the way there. On Saturday, the reception took place. I must say, the church was very touching and I have to admit that I shed a tear, haha. The food, the dancing, and the laughter were all amazing in itself. I had such a fun night. On Sunday, we had breakfast, went grocery shopping and then packed up and left. A little part inside me wanted to stay just another day to enjoy our short-but-very-sweet trip.

While driving back home from LA, I was thinking of how fortunate I am such an amazing group of friends. Before coming to UCLA, I was quiet and shy. I was afraid that I wouldn’t make friends because I was the only one from my school attending UCLA. In fact, I was the first one ever in my school’s history to attend UCLA! Once I arrived on campus, though, all those past questions and insecurities changed. I have met so many people that now play an important part in my life. Being able to take a trip with two people that I met a little over two years ago has created a memory to remember! Attending college has been a blessing because it has helped me become more social and met people from everywhere. That is what makes me so proud to attend one of the very best universities out there and be motivated to be the very best– my friends. Without them, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today 🙂