Visiting Friends in LA

One of the best things about living close to UCLA is that if I want to visit, I don’t have to think twice about it! I live about an hour away from UCLA [although with traffic it can go up to 3 hours! 😦 ]. Since my friends have moved into their apartments for summer school, they asked me to visit and I didn’t hesitate to go go see them. Once I got there, they gave me a tour of their apartment, and we chatted, relaxed, went out to Westwood to get ice cream, went tanning, and then we headed back to their apartment. It felt amazing being back in good ol’ Westwood. Even though it was a little over a week since I had visited, I still missed it. I also missed my friends, of course!

One of my friends asked me how good it felt to be able to come to LA without worrying about travel time, and I answered that it felt amazing to be able to do so! Living in Southern California and also attending college within the region has its ups and downs, but I think I get the best of both worlds–my family and my university (and everything that comes with it–friends, academics, and student life).


  1. I live pretty close to campus, also (about an hour away) and I often feel like my parents want me to come home significantly more often than I want to leave Westwood. Being so close to home, I don’t really have much of an excuse not to visit my parents, which makes me feel guilty in some ways for how rarely I go home. Clearly you enjoy Westwood life as much as I do. Living so close to home, do you ever feel pressure to go home more often than you’d like?

  2. Manny Macias says:

    Hi Alex!

    I’m not pressured to come home, but the question comes up often, haha. My parents do not expect me to go home every weekend. However, since I live so close I do make the effort to go home at least 4 times every quarter. I love Westwood so much and my parents understand how much I love it! I must admit that the more time I spend in LA, the more I want to stay longer. This prevents me from visiting my parents than how I used to when I barely started to attend UCLA.

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