Las Vegas!

Over memorial day weekend, I went with a bunch of my really close friends on a vacation to Las Vegas. We had to drive for seven hours, but it was totally worth it. Our car played fun word games and shared stories. We stopped for McDonald’s (twice!). Once we arrived, we checked into our hotel rooms and did all the fun hotel room things. We jumped on the beds, we drank out of the water cups, we used the complimentary hand lotion. After getting settled we hit the strip. Walking around Las Vegas is a lot like walking around Disneyland (although the themes are a little different). We watched the Bellagio fountains, we got late night sundaes, we walked to Treasure Island (just to find out that the Pirate show had already stopped performing). The next day we did the same thing. Some of us went to the Forum Shops in Ceaser’s Palace where I bought a new pair of shorts. One part of our group went on the monorail to Mandalay Bay. The best part of the day was in the evening when some of us went to shows we had bought tickets for. With so many to choose from, people went to a variety. Even though all the shows sounded like a ton of fun, the group that acted the most excited afterwords was the one that saw Chippendales (I was one of them). The rest of the weekend was very much the same. We roamed the strip, went shopping, ate terrible food, and had a very good time. The highlight of the entire trip, however, was definitely the annual eight clap. A crowd of over 200 UCLA students visiting Vegas congregated in front of Bellagio to do a giant Vegas eight clap. Who knew there could be so much Bruin pride all the way in a different state?! We returned home on Monday, and I went to bed almost immediately. I am already looking forward to next year’s Memorial Day Weekend trip.